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How to Save Money & Time Organizing Your Photos

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got boxes full of 4×6 photos sitting in your home waiting to be placed into photo albums or scrapbooks. You really want to preserve those special moments in your life, but can’t find the time to organize all those photos into books.

Today, the web offers a better alternative to spending your money than printing out 4×6 photos, by using photo books. Photo books can be created online in just a matter of minutes and allow you to create fabulous scrapbooks without ever having to print a single individual photo print and place them into albums. Photo books allow you to choose beautiful background colors, graphics and text, to enhance your photos. And, they will be printed for you and delivered right to your door in a beautiful bound book that you can easily store on your bookshelf.

Lets look at the potential savings from using a 30 page photo book as opposed to printing photos and placing them into a photo album. A hard cover 30 page photo book costs, on average, $29.99 and will include roughly 120 photos. If you print your own photos at the local drugstore, 120 prints would average $22.80. Plus, you have to purchase a separate photo album at $9.99 for a mid grade photo album for a total cost of $32.79. And, you still have to take the time to hand place all the photographs into the photo album.

When you start using photo books instead of ordering photo prints, you’ll soon realize that the task of preserving your memories is not only more cost effective but also saves you a ton of time. When friends and family come over, instead of pulling out your ‘box’ of photos, you can simply pull out your custom photo books and relive the memories you created together. And, photo books also make a fabulous gift for a friend or loved one. Some sites even offer a free photo book for first time orders, since they are convinced once you try them you won’t go back to ordering prints anymore!


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